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How to Deal with An Overzealous Neighbor

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Dear Phyllis,
We will be selling our home next March and took your advice and already hired our Realtor®. This has been perfect as he has been guiding us through a variety of simple repairs and minor improvements. My husband was outside talking to a neighbor who noticed a lot of recent activity at our home (in addition to the painter we have been clearing out closets and cupboards, donating, tossing, packing etc.). One thing led to another and my husband mentioned that we will be selling our home. The next day the neighbor knocked on our door with his daughter. Apparently his daughter has been looking for a home and hasn’t found one.  He insisted on bringing her in.  We have always been on friendly terms but once we let them in it became extremely uncomfortable.  

Although we asked our neighbor to contact our Realtor®, he won’t and keeps trying to negotiate with us. We had discussed pricing with our Realtor® but haven’t finalized anything because we are not going on the market for several more months. It’s become so uncomfortable that I am afraid to go outside just to get the mail. I feel as if he is waiting to pounce.

It’s unfortunate when a neighbor oversteps their bounds.  Rosemary, you have an easy out.  When you step outdoors and your neighbor confronts you, simply say you leave all of those matters up to your husband and your Realtor® and play dumb.

Please contact your Realtor® and if you have not yet explained the situation, do so. Ask him to contact your neighbor. Your real estate agent’s goal is to sell your home for the highest price with the least inconvenience. It’s all about you and not your neighbor.

I feel confident your Realtor® can reign in your neighbor; at best your agent will negotiate the sale of your home with the daughter, and at worst your neighbor will stop stalking you.

Now that you have hired your real estate agent, keep him working on your behalf.