ASTER Holiday Tips for Seniors


Assisting Seniors Through Enhanced Resources – ASTER – is here to provide some holiday tips for seniors and their caregivers. This is a time of season when seniors can feel uneasy and especially left out.

I want to start with some tips for families with older adults. Take some time to stroll down Memory Lane and create some new memories. Sometimes being busy in the kitchen keeps you from including the elderly family members because they just don’t move as fast as you do. But there is always a little something they can do. Most of all include them. If they are not close by for the holidays, be sure to reach out to them or make a little extra effort by sending a handwritten note recalling a special holiday from the past or send some extra pictures. More than anything else just share some of your time.

Now, if you are an older adult, let’s talk about some easy and simple things you can do to enjoy this holiday season. Looking to get out and about? Most of our local churches are having some wonderful holiday programs. Local libraries and community centers have holiday events for seniors as well. Come and enjoy the Montrose Christmas parade on Dec. 7 with all kinds of fun entries to watch. Be sure to visit our ASTER calendar,, for all types of events offered over the holiday season.

Lastly take a moment for yourself before the season takes hold and think about the season to come. Bring to mind why it is that you celebrate this season every year without fail. What does this time of year mean to you, not to anyone else, just to you? Put up some decoration, light a candle or display a picture that can serve as a focus and a daily reminder throughout the season of the true meaning of the holidays for you. Maybe you’ll put up a family photo, a wreath or display some old family ornaments. Most of all, have the kind of holiday season that will be meaningful and joyous for you that brings that little twinkle back to your eye and happiness in your heart.

Have a very happy holiday season!

Robbyn Battles is the president of ASTER. She can be reached at (818) 306-5224.