Network Upgrades Coming to The Alex Theatre

The Community Foundation of the Verdugos has awarded Glendale Arts $15,000 to go towards improving the internet and data network system at the historic Alex Theatre. Advances to the network create a more reliable, efficient and faster system that allows for future improvements, ultimately building a foundation that will allow the Alex to support larger-scale productions and attract higher-quality entertainment to Glendale. 

“The Community Foundation of the Verdugos creates a meaningful impact on the community at-large through their support of our local non-profit and community-based organizations,” said Glendale Arts CEO Elissa Glickman. “We are honored to receive this grant and fortunate that we can continue to work together on enhancing the quality of life for the people of Glendale.”

The upgrades include installing 20 wireless access points, AT&T fiber with 20/20 speeds, and replacing old network switches. This equals faster internet that can be accessed throughout the building and in the forecourt, allowing staff to carry out daily tasks more effectively. Audiences can expect to see quicker lines while waiting to have their tickets scanned at the door and purchasing concessions in the forecourt. The improvements will also provide promoters with the necessary tools to present the best possible production at the Alex, which again results in better services to Alex Theatre patrons. Lastly, these upgrades lay a technical infrastructure for future venue improvements that will upgrade systems such as lighting, video, sound, security, communications and more.

Advancing the reputation of the Alex Theatre is important to Glendale Arts, the Theatre’s management organization. Maintaining the 93-year-old venue and ensuring it remains relevant in the competitive Los Angeles entertainment market is the organization’s top priority. 

“Glendale Arts is focusing on making upgrades to the Alex Theatre to improve the experience for audiences, artists, and promoters,” said Glendale Arts Director of Operations Ben Karasik. “This grant will provide the foundation for network improvements in anticipation of where we see technology heading. We are fortunate the Community Foundation of the Verdugos shares our vision for the future of the Alex and recognizes its artistic and economic value to the City of Glendale.”

The historic Alex Theatre is located at 216 N. Brand Blvd.