Snow in July – at Montrose Travel

Photos provided by Montrose Travel
ABOVE: Julie McClure (at right laughing) helped with barbecue duties

In July, Montrose Travel held its annual summer awards party and “snowpalooza” event in the parking lot at of Montrose Travel at 2349 Honolulu Ave. Now part of the global travel conglomerate Corporate Travel Management, 2017 marks the second year that Montrose Travel has combined the two popular company events resulting in an even larger extravaganza.

The celebration began in the early evening with over 300 employees, partners, friends and family members in attendance. The family-friendly atmosphere was highlighted by festive decorations, lively music, an employee-run barbecue station and a 12-foot tall stack of hay covered by an impressive 55 tons of snow. Adults and children beat the summer heat by gliding down the man-made slope on sleds and throwing snowballs.

Getting ready to slide down

Montrose Travel and CTM leaders Joe McClure, founder of Montrose Travel, Travis Markel, SVP Loyalty and Chris Thelen, CEO North America, took to the top of the snow mountain to greet and thank all guests. They congratulated the company on its many accomplishments and shared a few words about the growth and future aspirations. Immediately after, the annual summer sales and achievement awards were announced and celebrated.

The overall atmosphere of the fun-filled evening was one of camaraderie and pride, evident on every face and in every conversation. For a company that has grown tremendously over the last 60 years, the sense of closeness and family has remained strong throughout – a trait that most likely contributes to its continued success.

Relief from the heat was just a snow slope away