‘Share the Spirit’ Toy Drive – Making a Difference

Hathaway Sycamores WEB
The annual “Share the Spirit” toy drive by Dilbeck Real Estate was a success again this year, benefitting local organizations Hathaway-Sycamores, Five Acres and Hillsides.

Mark Dilbeck, president of Dilbeck Real Estate, said, “Dilbeck Real Estate was happy to give toys to children in need in our community. Our donations were double that of last year, thanks to the enthusiasm and support of our local community, agents and staff.”

The three organizations promote healthy development for troubled children and their families year round. They provide food, clothing, education and homes for abused, neglected and homeless children. They also provide family support and, sometimes, intervention, residential programs, schooling and community services.

Dilbeck offices collected various bags of toys that were distributed before Christmas.

For more information, contact Dilbeck Real Estate at (818) 790-6774