I would like to offer a fuller view on Robin Goldsworthy’s comments on our public spending on illegal immigrants (“An Alien Idea,” Aug 1). A recent study by immigration scholars at USC (“Looking Forward 2014: Immigrant Contributions to the Golden State” [http://www.caimmigrant.org/research-and-analysis/contributions-html/]) reports that in one year California’s undocumented population contributes at least $130 billion to the California gross domestic product, of which L.A. County’s share is about $57 billion.

Bearing in mind that just 1 billon equals 1000 million, we see that the economic contribution of so-called aliens to our economy far exceeds the cost in six months of $291 million ($582 million for a year) which she claims, without citing a source, that the undocumented receive in public funds.

In addition there are expensive, long-term public health problems caused by not providing preventative and other basic health care to all residents.

Roberta Medford