“Wolfenstein: The New Order” – Is it New Enough?

“Wolfenstein: The New Order” – Is it New Enough?

  By Michael WORKMAN Does the world need another game about fighting Nazis? The answer is a resounding maybe. Gamers have been fighting virtual national socialists pretty much since the beginning of first-person shooters. But this isn’t just any old game where you fight Nazis; this is the “Wolfenstein” series. A name that any old […]

‘Sims 4’ is Dis-Sim-pointing

By Michael WORKMAN It’s strange to realize I practically grew up playing “The Sims” series since it debuted way back in 2000 when I was still in sixth grade. It was a wonderful cartoony game about controlling the virtual lives of sims, from getting them jobs to making sure they don’t starve to death. No […]

E3 2014 Coming to LA Next Week

E3 2014 Coming to LA Next Week

  By Michael WORKMAN June approaches, which means E3 is coming to the LA Convention Center to dazzle gamers and industry heavyweights alike. E3 always generates a certain healthy level of excitement each year, but last year’s event had many people’s anticipation turned up to eleven with the showcasing of the Next-gen technology to come […]

‘Broken Age’ Provides Point and Click Laughs

By Michael WORKMAN There’s a name that may not mean much to younger gamers, but to the lucky few who grew up in the ’90s, it meant quality games with absurdly entertaining and witty writing. That name is Tim Schafer, and he is one of the many amazing pioneers in the point and click adventure […]

‘Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons’

By Michael WORKMAN Developed by Starbreeze Studios, “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” is a downloadable title that may look like a simple indie adventure game, but it is clear that it is much more than that. Brothers is unique because it was created by a film director rather than a game developer. This has […]

Next Great Leap in Gaming? The Oculus Rift

»Video Game Review By Michael WORKMAN Every year game companies tout better graphics and more realism for some of the game industries biggest releases. Better textures, higher resolutions or smoother shading are enough to grab the attention of many gamers on titles they are excited about. Heavy weights like “Skyrim” and “Portal 2” boast impressive […]

»Video Game Review

Emotionally Charged ‘The Walking Dead: Season Two’ By Michael WORKMAN Shambling back onto gamers’ PCs and consoles alike, Telltales’s point and click adventure, “The Walking Dead: Season Two” has arrived. Has Telltale once again created an engaging narrative that mercilessly pulls at our heartstrings like in season one? It gives me great pleasure to say […]

»Video Game Review

A Lively Time Found in ‘The Walking Dead’ Game By Michael WORKMAN In the early days of video games, “point-and-click” adventures were some of the most popular PC games. Titles such as “The Secret of Monkey Island,” “Space Quest” and “Day of the Tentacle” offer fond memories for devoted PC fans of the late ’80s […]

Much to Fight in ‘BioShock Infinite’

» Video Game Review By Michael WORKMAN “Bring us the girl, wipe away the debt.” Gamers will be hearing this line in their sleep for a long time now that Irrational Games “BioShock Infinite” has been released. Players take on the role of Booker DeWitt, an ex-Pinkerton agent that must find a mysterious girl to […]