Measure S: Now What?

By Jason KUROSU On April 5, Measure S, the much discussed obligation bond, passed with a whopping 69.5% of the vote. In this period of economic uncertainty, Measure S has seemed like the only beacon of hope for public education funding in the state. For this reason, support for the measure was always high leading […]

Measure S is Yes, City Council Too Close to Call

Measure S is Yes,  City Council Too Close to Call

By Mary O’KEEFE The Glendale election is over but some of the results are still a little too close to call. This election season in Glendale was anything but dull. There were accusations thrown about and questions of the integrity of candidates, the city staff and media. But in the end it all came down […]

Expenditures Subject of Forum

By Jason KUROSU With municipal elections a mere week away, discussions over Measure S, the obligation bond which will appear on the April 5 ballot, have increased. Residents convened at the La Crescenta Public Library to discuss Measure S and direct their questions to a panel consisting of members of the district, members of the […]

Measure S on GUSD Agenda

By Jason KUROSU The state’s financial problems and its effects on education have become a recurring theme in the Glendale Unified School District’s Board of Education meetings. As with the recession, California’s budget cuts have engendered much talk of worst case scenarios in order to prepare those involved for ominous possibilities. However, these concerns were […]

Candidates Visit Town Council

By Brandon HENSLEY It’s been a month-long tour of appearances across Glendale and La Crecenta for candidates in the April 5 elections, so what was another forum to speak last week? Five candidates running for the Glendale Unified District school board spoke to the audience at the CV Town Council March 17 inside the La […]

Measure S Discussed at Glendale City Council

By Ted AYALA The full city council met last Tuesday to discuss, in matters pertinent to the Crescenta Valley, support for the GUSD’s Measure S and information relating to the forthcoming city elections. Measure S – which would require 55% support of voters to pass – extends property tax rates approved by residents via 1997’s […]

School board ponders proposal

By Brandon HENSLEY The governor’s budget proposal for the 2011-12 fiscal year was discussed at Tuesday’s Glendale Unified School District board meeting, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty for its members. The state is in a $25 billion deficit currently, and GUSD is just one of many districts seeking more federal funding. GUSD board president Greg […]

CVTC Hosts GUSD Reps, Thanks Crossing Guards

By Brandon HENSLEY Members of the Glendale Unified School District were on hand during the CV Town Council meeting on Jan. 20 to further inform parents and other residents of the new bond measure the district hopes will pass on the April 5 ballot. Inside the La Crescenta Library community room Superintendent Dr. Richard Sheehan […]

Measure Gets a Big Push

School board president, members, attend Measure S kickoff. By Jason KUROSU “Public education is at a very important crossroads,” announced GUSD Board President Greg Krikorian as he addressed a gathering of parents, educators and residents on Jan. 19 at the Phoenician Restaurant in Glendale. “It’s not a laughing matter when we’re talking about possibly closing […]