‘Scarolers’ Found in Montrose

Christmas is not the only time of the year that brings out singers. “Scarolers” from the Hummingbird Conservatory could be found along Honolulu Avenue last weekend “singing in” the Halloween season. From left are Rosalind Verma, Annabel Dillon, Tara Wallace of Hummingbird Conservatory, Nathalia Cuesta and Sophia Dillon. As they sang their way through Montrose, […]

‘Singing’ in the Holidays

The holidays were officially ushered in during the White Friday celebration in Montrose on Friday evening. Hundreds gathered to hear students of the Hummingbird Conservatory (pictured) sing Christmas carols, play in the “snow” and listen to dignitaries. The festivities continue weekends throughout the month of December until Christmas Day. Shoppers will be treated to carriage […]