Filling the Pews – Part 6: Choosing To Embrace A Place Of Worship

By Brandon HENSLEY If the great fictional wizard Albus Dumbledore once told Harry Potter that is it our choices that show what we truly are rather than our abilities, Rev. Beverly Craig would have been there to back up that statement. Craig is the head of the Center for Spiritual Living, located near the top […]

Country, Cowboys, and the Gospel

By Mary O’KEEFE The foundation of the legend of the American Cowboy is to be fair to others, to honor and respect your country and to do what is right.  That is not far from the teachings of the Gospel. Those common bonds were highlighted and celebrated on Sunday at the Center for Spiritual Living’s […]

All are invited to Cowboy Church

By Mary O’KEEFE “All things change but Truth, and that Truth alone lives on forever…In my Creator, my country and my fellow man.” –The Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore. The Cowboy Code from Gene Autry, according to, “He must never go back on his word, or trust confided in him. He must not advocate or […]