Methadone drug arrest at CVHS

On Thursday one Crescenta Valley High School student was arrested on campus and several other students were suspected to be under the influence of a narcotic, according CV Sheriffs.

The under-aged student who was arrested was allegedly found with prescription Methadone in his possession. Associate Principal Chris Coulter said students began contacting the school’s administration office concerned for the well being of their friends who they feared were under the influence of a narcotic.

“We got an anonymous tip from a student who was concerned about [another] student,” Coulter said about how administrators first found out about the drug allegedly being distributed.

Later another student took a friend into the health office concerned with that student’s health, Coulter added.

“There were [a total of] three students that had similar symptoms [of being under the influence of a narcotic],” he said.

Administrators contacted the students’ parents; some chose to take their child home and, although Coulter didn’t have the exact number, at least one child was transported to the local hospital.

Coulter praised the students who were willing to step up and warn the administrators of  the problem.

This is the second time in the last few weeks that students had been found with suspected illegal drugs in their possession and others who were suspected of being under the influence.

Two high school students were arrested on campus on suspicion of possession of LSD and two other students were suspected of being under the influence on Sept.17.

On Sept. 15, a Rosemont Middle School student was arrested on suspicion of possession of several pills of Ecstacy.

Coulter said that the students that were involved has not returned to campus.

“Each case is being handled on an individual basis,” Coulter said.

The incident is still under investigation.