Lincoln Dads Undertake ‘Olympian’ Task at Mother Son Olympics


For parents involved in their child’s elementary school, there is a lot of work to do. Dedicated groups like the moms at Lincoln Elementary School work tirelessly to give great experiences to their children. And as a way of saying thank you, and to lighten their load, the fathers of Lincoln got together and formed the Dad’s Club.

“The moms do so much for the school. We formed the Dad’s Club to give back to the school and also to alleviate some of the burden from what the moms do,” said Armen Derian, president of the Dad’s Club at Lincoln. “The moms do so much throughout the course of the year that we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do some of the heavy lifting and help out with some of the events.”

One of the events the Dad’s Club has taken on is a time-honored tradition at Lincoln – the Mother Son Olympics. For the last three years, the Dad’s Club has organized and run the event held in the school’s cafeteria and hallways. This year the event, held on Nov. 13, featured ten games of skill and chance were the events and two-person teams of mother and son competed for bronze, silver and gold medals. Events included a ring toss, sand bag toss, three-legged relay race, face based cookie balancing and a small putting green, among several others.

“It made sense, first and foremost, for us to take over this event which is really geared towards the moms having a good time with their sons,” Derian said. “So this way the moms get to come out and have a good time without worrying about organizing anything or doing anything whatsoever. It’s completely taken over and run by our Dad’s Club.”

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