’50s sock hop coming to St. James

Tricia Flynn (in letterman jacket) poses with St. James sixth graders (from left) Emme Yekikian, Camryn Christensen and daughter Sydney Flynn. Photo courtesy of St. James

St. James is getting ready for its first Father-Daughter Sock Hop on Oct. 10 and the St. James girls are eager to jump back in time.

Rowena Heck, the head of the sock hop, has been working diligently with her team of moms to make this a fun night for the girls and their fathers.

The Sock Hop will include a dance contest, a hula hoop contest, best costumes, and raffle prizes, such as an iPod, gift certificates to Color Me Mine, Pacific Theatres, Build-a-Bear and more. The Sock Hop moms are going to transform the St. James Hall into a ’50s dance hall with colorful decorations and period music. Adding to the decor will be 1950 classic cars parked outside the school hall. Each father and daughter will have their dance picture taken and will get to eat hot dogs and drink soda pop, perhaps served by some carhops.

To get the girls excited about the event, dance committee mother Tricia Flynn dressed in her best 50s attire and surprised the girls at a morning school assembly. She told of some of the prizes and passed out flyers about the dance. Flynn then told the boys to not worry, that they were not being left out: There will be a Spring Fling for the mothers and sons at St. James later in the school year.

Courtesy of St. James