And So Begins Academia

Photos by Mary O’KEEFE
Photos by Mary O’KEEFE


Kindergarten is one of those times everyone remembers. If you’re a kid you remember that first big step into the world of academia. If you’re a parent you remember your little one walking into that great big school and holding your breath they won’t run back to you in tears.

The first day is more likely to be the toughest but, as the weeks progress, it gets easier and kids begin to settle in for a 13-year journey.

At Lincoln Elementary School the kindergarten classes are full of very happy kids who are fitting into their new role as student very nicely.

“I like kindergarten because it is so fun,” said Ellin Vartanian, who is in Ms. Burkhart’s classroom. “We do painting and art and writing.”
Ellin said she was making good friends and she really liked reading books. Her favorite is the “Chester” series.

Penny Esquivel, Zachary Szabo and Rolando Lopez are all from Ms. McReynolds’ classroom.

For Penny, kindergarten is a little like her preschool. She attended Robbin’s Nest where she learned a lot about people who help others.

When asked what she is learning in kindergarten, Penny replied, “Our letters.”

Zachary is a young man of little words. He enjoys his school, likes learning and recess and has made friends. In fact one of his newest friends is Rolando.

“And I’ve made two other friends,” Zachary added.

Rolando is very anxious about school and about learning.

“I like learning, so, math,” he said when asked about school.

When asked if he had made friends he responded with “Oh, sure.”

He has taken in everything around him and seems to love everything about school.

“Well, it’s learning,” he explained.

They are all adjusting to their class and new friends and are having so much fun that time does not have a lot of meaning.

“It’s been four weeks [since school started],” Penny said. Then friend Zach whispered in her ear, “I mean eight.”

They had been there eight days but when you are having so much fun learning and making friends, days and weeks just melt into each other.
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