Getting Dry In CV

It’s getting dry here in CV, and it’s going to get drier. We’re running low on water for this thirsty town, and although the situation may improve fleetingly for a year or two, we’re facing a fundamental shift in the way we manage our water. If you’re a customer of the Crescenta Valley Water District […]

Hot August nights

When Robin Goldsworthy first mentioned the possibility of launching a new newspaper to serve the Foothills, I knew her idea would catch fire. Little did I know that today’s first edition of the Crescenta Valley Weekly would land in local driveways that are already covered with ash. When you’re hot, you’re hot, I guess. The […]

Fire fighting days gone by

As a history buff, I find myself looking over my shoulder at where we’ve been as a community as often as I look forward to where we’re going. That makes for a lot of tripping on my part. That was true this last weekend as my family and I watched our mountains burn. We watched […]


We thought we would take some space here and explain who we are at Crescenta Valley Weekly, our policy and our mission: Except for this week, Crescenta Valley Weekly will be delivered to your driveway every Thursday. We, like you, live in the community and were affected by the Station fire. We had scheduled what […]

I’m back

When we were told that the CV Valley Sun newspaper was to be closed it broke my heart. I knew I liked the job, the people and the community (my community) it served but I didn’t realize how much until it was gone. I was folded along with the paper into Glendale News Press. Moving […]

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