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The Season of Thanks and Giving

’Tis the season to be thankful and to give to others. I know from personal experience that we live in a community that is very generous. I want to personally thank all of the businesses that have given to the Montrose Chamber and to the many other non-profit organizations in the area. When businesses give back to organizations in the local economy it helps everyone. The more we invest in the local economy in any way we are supporting our own economy and helping it to thrive. I know these charitable acts are performed without the expectation of direct financial gain, but they certainly are not without their own rewards. Here are four of the major ways that successful business people (and non-business people) can benefit by giving to charitable causes.

1. Building respect and a good reputation in the community. A company’s leaders can identify needs within the community or ask prominent local organizations what they need help with and make targeted efforts to contribute. 2. Making your community a better place to live. Giving back improves a company’s image in the eyes of community members and results in a better place to live and work for the company, its employees and the people who live there already. 3. Employees respect leaders who do good. If you make your company a positive force in the community it can improve employees’ regard for their corporate leaders, which can only help you. It’s also simply a nice feeling and can make you more motivated to work there. 4. Connections and networking. Philanthropic organizations are often a who’s who of the world’s most powerful individuals. Entry into these organizations brings one into contact with these people. For an entrepreneur or businessperson, these connections are an invaluable resource.

If you are looking for a cause to contribute to why not become a part of the Selfless Selfie campaign? The creators of the Pay Your Selfie App have created a Selfless Selfie Campaign for the holiday season. They believe giving thanks actually means giving back by engaging in one of America’s newest favorite pastimes, taking selfies. Turns out that more than 100 million selfies are taken daily. Their Pay Your Selfie app, which is free, allows users to earn anywhere from 20 cents to a dollar for each selfie taken when they shoot themselves doing specific, pre-determined tasks. With “Selfless Selfie” campaign tasks, users take selfies in support of causes – instead of cash. Brands want to reach consumers in relevant ways, and the Selfless Selfie campaign is helping charities get on mobile and be visible, to achieve consumer engagement and raise the funds they desperately need. Pay Your Selfie users also will be able to donate their cash to charities as part of the “Selfless Selfie” program.

The “Selfless Selfie” campaign runs through the end of the year, so get started now! Find out more at payyourselfie.com.

Have a great holiday season and we will see you in 2016! Remember to shop local this season.

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Melinda Clarke
Executive Director
Montrose-Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce
3516 N. Verdugo Road
Glendale, CA 91208
(818) 249-7171