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What a memorable Christmas season it has been so far in Montrose! Our little town has been seen all over the country! First on CBS national news on White Friday and most recently on the Christmas episode of “NCIS L.A.” I was fortunate to be on set in October when “NCIS L.A.” came to town to film. It was a hot day. Remember the summer that never seemed to end? They set the stage in the pic above making the town look like Christmas. I watched as they filmed the pivotal scenes for the “Cancel Christmas” episode that aired Dec. 14. If you missed it go to their website and watch. The Montrose Shopping Park is beautifully displayed with wonderful shots of Critters, Pepe’s, Kids Art and more! You’ll love it!

Another thing that says Christmas are our lights! Three winding blocks of native trees and bushes beautifully wrapped in white lights that beckon us to ride through town. They will be up through New Year’s so be sure to come out and hit our after Christmas sales and enjoy a peaceful meal in one of our many cafes. I hear Benitoite is now open and getting rave reviews.
Our Sunday Harvest Market is festive showcasing in-season leeks, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and a new crop of potatoes. Enjoy music by The Subs as you shop.

Montrose is such a gem in Glendale’s Jewel City. Thank you for shopping Montrose and supporting your local businesses. On behalf of all the merchants in the Montrose Shopping Park we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! God bless us one and all!

Mary Dawson  Montrose Shopping Park Love To SHOP & Dine Montrose!
Mary Dawson
Montrose Shopping Park
Love To SHOP & Dine Montrose!