Bellies, Babies, & Bosoms!

This is a happy store with carousels and crystal, pink, white, and green, splashed with sunshine. It looks so cute when you drive by and makes you feel good stepping in. This is very important if you are a new mom walking in the door with lots of questions. Bellies, Babies, & Bosoms has been […]

Life in the MSPA

By Mary DAWSON Right off the bat you might well ask, “So what in the world is the MSPA?”  It’s an acronym for the Montrose Shopping Park Association, formed way back in 1968 for the purpose of representing the interests of the then “newly created” Montrose Shopping Park.  The Shopping Park is a B.I.D. (another […]

Christmas time in Montrose

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and to those who lived thru Black Friday: Congratulations! We have a lot happening this weekend, starting with the 33rd Annual Montrose Christmas Parade. This is always an exciting time of the year for young and old alike. Steve Pierce, our parade chairperson, is doing a great job […]