Assault in Glendale


A woman walking her dog on a Glendale street reported that she was attacked from behind and fondled by a man just past midnight on Tuesday.
According to Glendale police, the victim was walking east in the 100 block of Mountain Street in Glendale just after midnight.  She reportedly noticed a man standing on the sidewalk talking on his cellphone; later he walked to a vehicle that was parked on Brand Avenue just south of her location. She continued to walk.
The victim reported that same man grabbed her from behind and began to touch and fondle her. He then lifted her off the ground and began carrying her toward Brand Avenue. She was carried about 5 to ten feet before she began to scream and the suspect let her go.
The suspect fled and the woman received help from a nearby resident. The woman suffered a minor scratch on her chest during the struggle.
The suspect is described as a light skinned man, 25-to-30 years old, six foot, medium build with dark hair and no facial hair.
A similar assault occurred on Briggs Avenue in June, although the descriptions of the suspects are different. Glendale police and Crescenta Valley sheriff detectives remind the community that although Glendale and La Crescenta are considered safe areas residents should not let their guard down.
“It is important to let the [public know what has happened and to be aware of their surroundings,” said CV Sheriff’s Detective Frank Diana at the time of the June assault.
On June 14 a 21-year-old woman was walking southbound on Briggs Avenue when she felt someone walking near her.
“She turned and a male suspect pulled down the victim’s shirt and fondled her,” said Sgt. Ray Harley.
The victim immediately began to scream and the suspect ran away. The suspect was described as a 20-to-30 year old, heavy set, six foot, white or Armenian man with dark short curly hair who was unshaven.
Anyone with information on the assault that occurred in Glendale is asked to contact the Glendale police at (818) 548-3987 or Crime Stoppers at (818) 507-7867. Detectives are also interested in any information on suspicious vehicles at or near the time of the incident. Anyone with information on the La Crescenta incident can contact Det. Frank Diana at (818) 248-3464.