A record-breaking weekend for Arts and Crafts

More than 50,000 folks came to Montrose to check out the wares of about 425 vendors at the 27th annual Montrose Arts & Crafts Festival last weekend.


If the 27th Annual Montrose Arts and Crafts Festival is any indication the economy is looking up, at least for artists.
“Most vendors saw brisk sales despite the heat and all attendance records were shattered as Sunday’s crowd literally poured into town pushing the attendance totals for the two day [event] to more than 50,000,” said John Drayman, Glendale city councilmember and former Montrose Shopping Park Association president.
The event, sponsored by the MSPA, is one of the oldest arts and crafts festivals in the state. About 425 vendors selling everything from oil paintings to handmade soaps and lotions lined Honolulu Avenue last weekend to sell their crafts.
The event went on seamlessly with volunteers cleaning the avenue late Sunday night to be shopping park ready by Monday morning.