Ocean View Books Etc.

Priscilla Luther-Heft stands amid the hundreds of books that can be found at Ocean View Books Etc in Montrose.

By Odalis A. SUAREZ

The newest hotspot for bookworms, collectors and knick-knack hunters is Ocean View Books Etc in Montrose.
Owned by former teachers Priscilla Luther-Heft, previously of the University of Southern California, and Mike Heft of Rosemont Middle School, the business was located in La Cañada for four years and known as Around the World Books. It wasn’t until July 1 that the newly named Ocean View Books Etc opened in the Montrose Shopping Park.
“I have always wanted to have a bookstore. I have always been a book lover,” stated Priscilla, whose son John owns a bookstore in Pennsylvania.
The two-story building holds a massive collection of used books as well as some new, featuring many genres including biography, philosophy, art, fiction, signed first editions, rare books and a wide range of children’s books. In addition, there is a growing collection of books on tape and CD.
“Almost all my books are out of print,” explained Priscilla. “History is the crowning glory of my collection. Currently I have hundreds of rare and collectible books on World War II, the result of acquiring three estates of military men.” In addition to estates, she obtains her books by using scouts, and trading for store credit.
However, as its name promises, the business offers a selection of other items.  From board games to glassware to trading cards, comic books, frameable sheet music, vinyl records, maps, world globes and art, there are little treasures scattered all over the bookstore just waiting to be found. Priscilla also plans on using her walls to show and sell local artwork.
She always has a special deal going on.
“I’m doing a special right now. Until the grand opening on Oct. 2, if you buy two books you get the third one free,” she said. She is also willing to negotiate prices on her rare books.
While in the process of settling in her new location, Priscilla is already planning for the future. Using her 25 years of experience teaching ESL, she will offer ESL classes at the bookstore for mothers
and others. She is also organizing game clubs and poetry nights.
“I’m really excited about the location.  I’m just looking forward to being here,” said Priscilla.
Although currently open and doing business, the grand opening will not be until Saturday, Oct. 2. In the meantime, Ocean View Books Etc is ready for customers at 3701 Ocean View Blvd. Suite E in Montrose or call (818) 236-2897.