Was This Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus?
On Friday, Dec. 4 in the early afternoon, my two friends and I drove into the handicapped space at Trader Joe’s in Montrose.

The line to get into TJ’s was quite long. My one friend, who has a health problem, walked cautiously towards the end of the line. I followed; I too am recovering from major leg surgery.

A very nice couple, who were standing in the middle of the line, summoned to us to stand (wait) in front of them. The gentleman did turn toward the waiting patrons in back of him and asked if this would be okay with them. No one objected!

What a wonderful and benevolent gesture of this couple – especially at this Christmas time.

If this terrific couple read this: thanks again.

God bless and Merry Christmas.
Barbara Mayhew
La Crescenta