Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

The good weather made the Montrose Christmas Tree Lighting Festival a great success … no rain fell on this parade.

A snow-making machine helped make Honolulu Avenue feel like a Winter Wonderland. Saw little kids and bigger kids with gray hair throwing snowballs. One even hit one of the carolers right in the middle of my favorite song, “Oh Holy Night.”

The anti-Christmas protestors were also out singing their usual songs of …

Behind the scenes, Santa’s elves Steve Pierce and Linda McMenamin were busy making sure all the equipment was being moved into place. They and the other merchants helped make sure the streets and sidewalks were “spic and span” before the first snowball hit the floor or any walkers-by.

A jolly Ken Grayson was the “master of ceremonies” serving with his helpers Dale and Mary Dawson.

Even saw Mary from the CV Weekly taking notes for her next column. Mary’s boss Robin was also in the crowd joining in the festivities. Melinda [Clarke] from the Montrose-Verdugo Chamber of Commerce was there making sure everything went smoothly.

Since the tree lighting festival fell on Friday, many merchants also were holding  sales … no sales tax, thank you, Santa.

To complete the Christmas spirit, Santa Claus was busy handing out some treats. Did not see Mrs. Claus, but perhaps she was home busy baking cookies? Don’t have any kids, Santa, but it was sure great to see some of those Prom Plus parents and kids having some “safe” snow play. What a great organization in the Crescenta Valley. My hat goes off to those parents and kids.

Having just attended the Oktoberfest and [the upcoming] Montrose Christmas Parade and, before you know it, Montrose in February will be celebrating its centennial birthday. I know of no other part of Glendale that has such a community spirit.

Bring on the holiday season! Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Mayberry, USA is alive and well thanks to the spirit of the residents and business community working together year round.

Mike Mohill