Urges Voters to Get Out and Vote
I applaud the recent [letter] “Bad Behavior Should be Held Accountable” [Viewpoints, Letters to the Editor, Oct. 18]. It is time to call out the bad fascist behavior and restore tolerance, respect and sanity to politics. Politicians who resort to unethical means to get elected should be voted out. Let’s begin by voting for John Cox for governor.
Voting is essential to change the political climate. We have one of the highest rates in homelessness and illegals in the nation. Our Sanctuary State allows illegals voting privilege by means of the DMV registration. One would have to actively opt out of voting on the application in order not to vote. Sadly, the DMV does not check to see if its registrants actually qualify to vote. Fortunately, California is being sued for voter fraud. Learn more at VoterIntegrityProject.com.
Regardless of the corrupt voting system, educate yourself and vote. Here is one site that can help, CraigHuey.com.
Denise Soto
La Cañada


California Prop 8 Should be Rejected by Voters
Proposition 8 is dangerous for people who depend on dialysis treatments to stay alive and [the proposition] should be defeated.
A critical voice that has been left out from this conversation: the people who require dialysis care to survive. We do not see how this measure will benefit us; in fact, it can cause great harm.
Prop 8 cuts the payments insurance companies will provide for dialysis treatments. It defines an arbitrary set of costs that will be “allowable” but omits costs critically necessary for dialysis care.
Some dialysis facilities are in lower income or rural areas and have a more difficult time making ends meet. They could be the first clinics to cut back services if Prop 8 passes, putting lower income patients at risk. People who are on dialysis visit a clinic a minimum of three times a week. Access to a dialysis care facility is critical. Kidney failure is a chronic condition that requires dialysis when kidneys no longer function.
Without options to get dialysis in their communities, people who require life-saving treatment will be forced into hospital emergency rooms. This is at a much higher cost to the patient and the healthcare system.
But it’s not just the lower income and rural clinics affected by Prop 8. An independent study by the state’s former legislative analyst found that 83% of clinics in California would be operating in the red and could be forced to close.
Prop 8 will not improve care. Only the insurance companies profit at the expense of patients. The Renal Support Network joins the National Kidney Foundation, medical professionals and others in opposition to Prop 8.
Lori Hartwell, President and Founder
Renal Support Network


Supports Measure S
My family has been property and business owners in Glendale well before the Recession. Frankly, the only reason we are still here and thriving is because of the City of Glendale’s friendly business etiquette. Some would say that the city’s sales tax Measure S is not business-friendly. I don’t agree. We need to understand the need to take control of local revenue.
Measure H, the homeless measure that passed a couple of years ago by county voters, generates $10 million in Glendale for county coffers. We get back about $300,000! Do you know what $10 million could do for the homeless who sleep in my doorway on Brand at night? Do you know what $10 million would do for our homeless veterans and families that are struggling? But the county only gave $300,000 back to Glendale. What is that [amount] going to do?
As to business-friendly, I certainly don’t want Glendale to do what the other cities around me do. Other cities require a business license – that could cost thousands. And, on top of that, they charge a gross receipts tax. Yup, 1% on gross receipts. If that happened, I would have to raise the price of my goods to offset the 1% and the additional cost of business that could be in the thousands. A sales tax does not impact the bottom line of a business, and what’s great about it is that it’s spread among those who come to Glendale to shop and enjoy the town.
As a family that does business in Glendale, there is a reason why we’re here. It is a beautiful and safe city with a thriving economy, great schools and wonderful neighborhoods. That is the basis for a thriving economy that sustains its quality of life for me now and future generations.
Vote Yes on Measure S. It’s common sense.
Alex Baroian


Challenges the Notion of
‘The Chosen Party’
Two things came out of the Judge Kavanagh hearings: a fine jurist became a Supreme Court Justice, and the Democrats showed their true colors: brown, the shade of unmitigated, sleaze-ball tactics, lower than sewage pipes. Their desperation-derby schemes to destroy a decent man and qualified judge simply showed how dangerous that party is, and how little they care for the best for this country. A vote for Democratic Party supremacy in Congress is a vote for absolute chaos in the next two years, as they will attempt to impeach the President. The business of the country will suffer, and our opponents/enemies in the world will be emboldened, laughing with glee.
A friend of mine said it well: the Democrats have this messianic view that they are The Chosen Party, the majority party, and those who disagree with the Party line are political troglodytes. Of course there are fine Democrats, upstanding and principled, but they tend to get lost in the scummy antics of their party, with its Soviet-style, rigid mindset. As the Democrats start jumping off the extremist cliff of leftist/socialism (clothed in “progressive” finery) it’s up to us to get out of the way.
Stuart Byles
La Crescenta


Over-taxed, Over-burdened
On Tuesday voters will be asked to approve over $16 billion in bonds. The cost for repaying these bonds is estimated to be over $26 billion over the next 40 years. Please vote no on Propositions 1,2,3, and 4.
Prop 2 allows the state to borrow money to finance housing for the mentally ill. But just last year we approved Prop HHH and Measure H for similar services and it has been widely reported that hundreds of millions of dollars are languishing unused.
Prop 3 is for water projects. We have already approved over $31 billion in water bonds. About 30% of that money remains unspent. Vote no.
Measure W funds programs to “clean up our water.” The cost to Los Angeles property owners is over $3,000,000,000 annually (potentially forever). No specific projects, exact costs or demonstrated actual needs are given. The government is essentially saying, “Send us the money and we’ll figure out how to spend it.”
Proposition 6 – a yes vote repeals the gas/car tax and requires full voter approval for certain taxes.
Breaking their promise of “no more taxes without voter approval” the state increased gas and vehicle taxes. A yes vote would both end the “gas tax” and send a powerful message: governmental decisions must be made “by the people.”
Only a portion of the tax money is spent on roads with no change expected. Hundreds of millions continue to be wasted on the bullet train – money that could be used for our roads.
Many urging a no vote on Prop 6 have a direct financial interest in continuing these taxes and include highway construction and engineering firms and Caltrans unions.
Measure S increases Glendale’s sales tax. Specific needs or plans for the money have not been identified. The rational seems to be “let us steal this from you first before someone else steals it later.” Vote no on Measure S.
Our government has a history of carelessly spending our money. Please carefully consider every Measure and consider the long-term financial implications for all of us.
Doug Kilpatrick
La Crescenta