Letter of Thanks to the Community

I have a very important job to do, but fear that without proper, able assistance, I may never finish writing and sending all the “thank you” notes that are more than warranted and now terribly overdue. Would you, please, help me in this effort?

My family and I moved into the Crescenta Valley in 1999, when my older son was ready for first grade. Ironically, it was not until this past year that I felt as though I actually “mattered” in this community – besides, of course, to my two dear sons and my “true blues,” who have never stopped gracing my life. I want – and need – to “reach out” to give my forever heartfelt gratitude to each person in our community who made space in his or her life – some once, many consistently –  to compassionately, generously and most sincerely do or say something, no matter how large or small, that made a critical and invaluable difference in helping me to stay emotionally and practically afloat and to navigate the most treacherous, disappointing, devastating and terrifying waters I have yet experienced in my 63 years on the planet.

Through the CV Weekly that has a finger on the pulse of our community … and also a proven line of communication to so many people in it … I do believe that many of those folks are the same good people I am now trying to reach. I want each of them to know how much I appreciate what she or he did, and does, for me, that I am forever in her or his debt, that I am surviving, that things will continue to improve and that I so look forward to being a contributing – and much less of a needy – member of this community. I also want each to know that she or he matters to me.

With sincere thanks and appreciation for your assistance,

Maggie O’Rourke
La Crescenta