As the recall election draws near, it is important to set partisan politics aside and look critically at Governor Gavin Newsom’s performance and personal qualifications. In my opinion it’s clear; he is not fit to continue as California’s governor.

Under Newsom, California has among the highest property tax, gas prices, sales tax, income tax, poverty rate, housing cost and the lowest per-student spending. He considered ending the ill-fated bullet train, but instead took our gas tax money to fund it. He has banned gas cars after 2035. Millions of new electric vehicles will be dependent on already insufficient electricity.

In violation of his own health orders, Newsom and 22 others dined at the exclusive French Laundry restaurant…unmasked. The rest of us were home in lock down. This demonstrates a lack of integrity and disdain for common Californians. Was this his only violation of State mandates? More likely it was the only time he got caught!

On Newson’s watch COVID unemployment fraud exploded to more than $30 billion. Unemployment checks went to prison inmates, as the State neglected to check the inmate list against unemployment applicants.  Families were losing their homes as their checks were on hold.

Our wonderful community is systematically being dismantled via the State “Housing Element” (requires La Crescenta/Montrose to accept 1200 additional units.) Increased density will destroy or eliminate single family neighborhoods. What about water, power, schools, parks, transportation and medical care?

Under Newsom, our criminal justice system has been gutted by AB109, Propositions 47 and 59. The governor vows to open the prison doors, releasing approximately 18,000 hardened criminals; there’s no provision for help or rehabilitation. The increase in crime reveals the negative impacts. Newson does not support law enforcement. Interestingly he’s protected 24 hours-a-day by a phalanx of police officers.

Here’s the clincher…. He has amassed over $50 billion dollars to fight the recall. These are not $10 or $20 dollar donations – but payments of six and seven figures from special interest groups- corporations, organizations and multi-millionaires to buy favors and influence. Newsom will be completely beholden to them, our needs and concerns ignored.

Check the facts and vote your conscience.  I did and will vote to recall Gavin Newsom.