Legislation is All Wet
So Laura Friedman got her wish. These bills look like they got rammed through with little or no input from the electorate. What will not get done in order to use no more than 55 gallons per day [of water]? Fifty-five gallons a day is one thing when you go to work and use your employer’s bathroom, drinking fountain and so on. How about us retired folks?
It looks like we are going to have to decide whether our homes smell like Febreeze or a porta potty. How about mothers with infant children? I guess the diaper services are going to make a bundle and the landfills will be getting more Huggies.
I did not see where any thought was given to the 55-gallon limit. Our legislature pulled that one out of the hat just like a lot of their other requirements. Maybe we should have Andy Gumps put in our driveways to save water and still keep homes smelling decent. I can always up my Arrowhead delivery to keep from drinking CVWD water.
I am tired of being treated like a second-class citizen by our legislators. This is what the single party rule can do to a state. Enough said for now.
Tom Suter
La Crescenta


She Has an Answer
Regarding the question about why no one is angry at parents choosing to bring their children here to seek asylum [From the Desk of the Publisher, June 21], I think we need to step back and look at the big picture. There are 65 million refugees on the planet right now who have been displaced from their homes because of military conflicts or other disasters. The people from Central America seeking safety here do so because of violence in their home countries. For a hundred years, this country has been backing coups in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala that have severely disturbed their peace and way of life.
Before we direct anger at desperate families, let us look at our part in the problem and see if we can shape policies that make all countries as inhabitable as ours.
Jeanne Lavieri
La Crescenta


The ‘Palmdale 500’
Regarding “Drivers on the Crest Urged to Slow Down” [News, June 21], the Angeles Crest Highway and Angeles Forest Highway used by Antelope Valley commuters is known as the Palmdale 500 due to the speeding. Yes it’s dangerous during the weekdays. But it’s far more dangerous on the weekends.
Saturdays and Sundays you have the “car clubs”, groups of 10 – 15 Porsches, BMWs, and other “tuners” who race between La Canada and Newcombs Ranch Inn, crossing the double yellow line on blind curves, going far too fast for the road and traffic conditions. The motorcyclists on their [fast light motorcycles] do the same, trying to emulate the professional racers they watch on TV. Add in the bicyclist who ride two and three abreast in the middle of the roadway without any regard to other traffic, and it’s no wonder there’s at least one or two serious wrecks, and/or fatalities on each weekend.
Angeles Crest is like a “self-cleaning oven.”
Trent Sanders 

La Cañada