Letters to the Editor

It All Started in Montrose!

The Congress of the United States, by Joint Resolution on June 9, 1966, approved H.J. Resolution 763 proclaiming the week in which June 14th occurs as National Flag Week, and the same Resolution requested that the President is to issue every year a proclamation and also to call upon citizens of the United States to display the flag during this week.

The origin of Flag Week is very special because it originated in Montrose through the hard work of Bill Bailey, Don Carpenter, Congressman H. Allen Smith, the Crescenta Cañada Rotary Club and my father Vito Cannella back in the ’60s. Nurtured by their love of country and gratitude of those who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation’s symbol, the American flag, this group had a desire to contribute something positive to the fabric of our country during the difficult Vietnam War era. They dreamed of a national movement to convince Congress and the President to join them in their love for the flag. From humble origins and the small town efforts of our community, they collected thousands upon thousands of signatures across our state; this dream got the attention of the United States Congress and passed in a joint session and was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1966.  

So, for the last 55 years we ask the citizens of our nation to give recognition and respect for our flag by asking that we honor our flag more than just one day on the national calendar (June 14th), but put aside a whole week to honor the flag and ask that all citizens fly our flag for that week.

This cause was very important to my dad. Every year since 1967 he would write each President reminding them of their duty to issue the proclamation and every year he got a response from the White House indicating that they would. My father has passed and one of the things we talked about prior to his death was his wish that the story of Flag Week not be forgotten as he was the last of the originating supporters. I promised him I would carry his message reminding our community of its history and connection to our hometown. I wrote that letter to President Biden and will remind all of you to fly your flag the week of June 14th.  

That is the purpose of my letter today. God Bless America and watch over her.

Grace Chase

 Celebrating Diversity in the Foothills

The Balcony of LA is a local non-profit dedicated to representing La Crescenta’s art, business and community. This month we focus our attentions on celebrating the diversity of where we live.

Pride Month is celebrated annually in June and works to achieve equal justice and equal opportunity for the LGBTQIA+ community. The purpose of the commemorative month is to recognize the impact that LGBTQIA+ individuals have had on history.

Through raising awareness, it encourages acceptance and support for people of all backgrounds and makes our community a safer place where a multitude of perspectives can be heard and recognized. Memorials are also held this month for those who have been tragically lost to hate crimes or HIV/AIDS.

La Crescenta is home to a wide birth of individuals, each with similar desires to be seen and accepted without fear of judgment or shame. The Balcony of LA stands firmly in support with the LGBTQIA+ community, not just this month but in all months because we believe that the Foothills are a place where individuals of all backgrounds are welcomed and encouraged to flourish.

Pride is awareness of one’s own dignity. It is a feeling of acceptance of one’s self. Both individuals and communities can have pride in themselves. The rainbow-themed flag is a reminder that this thing called life is rarely black and white. This prism of humanity, gathered together, living on common ground is one of our greatest assets. To overlook its value is to remove the colors, reducing it to nothing but a white symbol of surrender.

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Together we can craft the future of La Crescenta.

Stand tall. Be proud. Fly your flag.

Jade & Johnny Brookbank
The Balcony of LA