Letters to the Editor

Election Fraud Could Be Real

In response to Jackie Gish’s letter in the CV Weekly on Jan. 21: here is my experience with mail-in ballots.

In 2007, after we retired, my wife and I registered for permanent absentee ballots because we expected to travel a lot. Because the 2020 election was so important my wife was worried her ballot might not be accepted. She felt her signature had changed significantly over the last 13 years and called the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder to find out what to do. They told her not to worry because “the signature was barely readable.”

We sent our ballots in and a few days after the election she received a letter from the County Registrar-Recorder requesting her signature before the ballot could be counted. She had been voting absentee for the last 13 years and was never required to verify her signature. She complied, and returned the letter with her current signature. Therefore I am convinced the County Registrar-Recorder had not been verifying her, or any, signature on absentee ballots.

Furthermore, the fact that the signature on her ballot agreed with the signature she returned in the letter, with no other verification, in no way ensures that the ballot was submitted by her. That’s just one example of the flaw when using mail-in ballots.

While election fraud my not be widespread any fraud is totally unacceptable and must be investigated. If Biden really wants to unite the country, it is his responsibility to investigate all reports of election fraud and insure all future elections are safe from fraud.

David North


Lauds the U.S. Election System

While we have recently seen many aspects of the myth of American exceptionalism fall sloppy dead, there is still one thing that Americans are very good at: We have the most free, most secure, most fair, safest and most transparent elections in the world. Many improvements have been made in our voting systems since hanging chads helped cause the Bush vs. Gore Florida recount in the year 2000. Most modern American voting systems utilize the “gold standard” – a voter-verified paper ballot, which renders non-impersonation fraud either impossible or too difficult to implement. The incidence of voter fraud has been studied numerous times. The consensus from credible research and investigation is that the rate of illegal voting is extremely rare, and the incidence of certain types of fraud – such as impersonating another voter – is virtually nonexistent.

The 2020 presidential election was not stolen. This is not my opinion, it is a fact. So far, the only “evidence” I have seen from people who believe that the 2020 presidential election was stolen are accusations, allegations, fantasies, suspicions, insinuations, wishful thinking and paranoid conspiratorial lunacy. There is zero actual credible evidence – because it doesn’t exist. If you still want to tell me that the election was stolen, you might as well be trying to get me to believe that the earth is flat and the moon is made of green cheese.

What I have come to understand is that so many people are so deeply embedded in their bubble of disinformation that they are convinced that theirs is the only appropriate and legitimate point of view, and everyone else – like the 81,283,098 Americans who voted for Biden/Harris – is wrong. This becomes obvious whenever you hear Fox “News” hosts like Lou Dobbs say things like “Everyone knows that the election was stolen.” Everyone doesn’t mean, you know, everyone. It means everyone in your bubble of disinformation and lies who are trying to rip our nation apart.

Bill Weisman
Glendale/La Crescenta