Quarterback Club Season Begins

Photo by Julian MITCHELL
Ashley Brewer – ABC 7 Sportscaster Ashley Brewer addressed the Quarterback Club members at its recent meeting.

By Julian MITCHELL, Intern

The YMCA Quarterback Club is back in full swing, ready to start the 76th year of creating football bonds across the San Fernando Valley.

The Quarterback Club meets Tuesdays at the Glendale Elk’s Lodge and features weekly overviews from coaches in the area on the state of football for each school.

“I don’t care what any other coach says, we have the best uniforms,” said Hoover High School coach Terrence Jones.

Spirited competition, like debates over jerseys, and community is what most of the members look forward to taking part in each week.

“We go up against these guys every week, so there is a competition,” said Crescenta Valley High School coach Paul Schilling. “Coming here really helps to makes all of us a community.”

The club also prides itself on being able to give out $3,000 in scholarships to seniors in the area at the end of each season. The money generally comes from membership fees and the lunch provided at each meeting, which are $50 and $20 respectively. New members can sign up at the start of each meeting.

“It is really special for the kids to get the scholarship at the end of the year because they usually don’t know why they’re there [at the meeting] until the end when we present the scholarship,” said Schilling.

Additionally, the club has begun to hold a silent auction fundraiser, this year marking the fourth consecutive year. The auction, which was held at New Moon on Aug. 28, raised over $1,500 for the scholarship fund. Items that we’re being auctioned included tickets to sporting events and sports memorabilia, as well as standard items such as wine baskets.

The club was in for a special treat this week as local sportscaster Ashley Brewer made a stop to share her story and answer questions.

Brewer quickly addressed that she was a woman in the sports world, saying that she has “never felt discounted” by men in the field as many are quick to assume. If anything, Brewer has noted how welcomed she felt by many of her coworkers, such as her co-hosts Rob Fukuzaki and Curt Sandoval.

The club gets speakers as often as possible and additionally will raffle off prizes during each meeting, such as gift cards for local restaurants.

The Quarterback Club meets every Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Elk’s Lodge for the duration of the regular season until Nov. 13.