Falcons Football Cancel First Game Following Positive COVID Test

Practice continues for the Falcons after their first game is postponed due to a positive COVID test.
Photo by Charly SHELTON


Crescenta Valley High School’s varsity football team was forced to cancel its first game against Burroughs High following a positive COVID test last week. In following protocols, the team has been quarantined since last Tuesday.

The player/s, as well as position/s, were not disclosed, and the school and team have neither the depth nor the resources to have only one specific position group sit out while the rest of the team carries on – a procedure utilized in higher levels of the sport.

“Student safety is the most important,” said Assistant Principal of Athletics Jordan Lessem. “We all want to play games and we all want to be back, but we are always going to err on the side of caution and, being overly cautious, we just don’t have the [contact tracing] abilities that a top university or the NFL have.”

Lessem suggested the matchup may still be able to take place, but only as a scrimmage and not an official game. Per CIF rules, teams must participate in 14 practices before their first game; on the Falcons’ current timeline they would fall just short of that mark.

A scrimmage, though, requires just 10 practices, a number they can potentially reach next week. Given that a scrimmage also counts as a practice, the Falcons will be in good shape and set for their first game the following week against Muir, which will take place at the Rose Bowl.

Trying to add a little bright spot to a uniquely difficult year, both Pasadena and Muir high schools will be playing all their home games there this spring as their home stadiums are being renovated.

The reigning Southern Section champions will only have the opportunity to play at the historic grounds once, in their clash against Muir, while hosting Pasadena later in the season. But the eagerness to set foot onto the legendary field is already felt.

“We’re definitely excited. I know coach [Hudson Gossard] is excited; it’s going to be a good time,” said Lessem. “In a crazy year like this where there has been so much disappointment, it’s nice to be able to give especially our seniors, but really everyone, one really fun experience to play in a historic stadium like the Rose Bowl. It’s going to be awesome.”