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“What if the Mayflower had landed on the shores of California?”

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America, west coast

Thursday, November 1621

*** Winds calm

*** Fire Danger

… Synopsis …

Blessings of a blue sky and a warm (low 80s) day are promised. A fine day to give thanks, as we join together with the local native people, the Tongva. They come forth with fresh meat of fowl and deer and many foods unbeknownst to us. We share what the Good Lord has given us. And however meager, are thus grateful for the earth’s bounty, hospitable neighbors and the sun’s healing warmth.

Cooking fires must be closely attended to, for the grasses are dry. The harsh winds of this past week have seized or at least calmed considerably. No rains have fallen of recent days. And the locals tell little rain has fallen in recent years. The weather on this day in autumn is certainly unheard of across the ocean from whence we came. Once again, another blessing bestowed upon us in this new land.

At morning time on our day of “thanksgiving,” cool breezes blow from the mountains, through the valley, and out to the sea. The clear skies almost give view to the Mayflower at where we came ashore. This glorious day promises to be long but one filled with gratitude. For upon this land we have received a bounty of God’s gifts and a place in which prayers are spoken without fear.

By evening fall, coolness (50 degrees) moves in. In comparison to the harsh weather during ocean crossing, for this we are grateful for hardship will not befall us as before. May we remain in His hands with the coming winter. Though dry weather is welcomed, we now pray for rain in which to replenish the land and provide the Tongva and us good harvest in the next year.

Many local people practice a strange custom in which many of us have joined in as well.  The day after the thanksgiving feast, before the sun rises many gather to trade. Local goods include animal skins, shells, fish, game, acorn and baskets. We only offer metal and glassware. Ocean fog builds making for a cooler day.

The locals foretell of weather change. Our blessings continue… Excitement in the village speaks of rain. I trust their predictions to be sound. On Sunday, rains shall begin and, with hope, continue into the new week.

November 2014: NWS meteorologists say, “This storm could be a real soaker!”

Blessings of rain and a Happy

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