DEIR Comment Period Drawing to Close


The City of Glendale will continue to gather public comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the proposed overhaul of the Grayson Power Plant until Monday, Nov. 20. The original public review period was extended past its original 45 days to allow more people to participate in the development of a final report.

The draft report covered the project’s possible short- and long-term effects on air quality, soil, greenhouse gases and noise pollution, among other measurements.

The previous reports found most impacts to be less than significant and additional measures have been considered to mitigate any potential environment impact.

City officials argue that the 76-year-old facility is in dire need of new generators as repairs to the old equipment has been unable to keep up with the steady decline in reliability and efficiency. Currently seven of the eight generators have been in operation for an average of 57 years and have provided power to over 88,000 customers throughout the city.

The project would cost approximately $500 million and would replace the aging generators with four units that would provide an additional 43 megawatts to the city.

The project has faced opposition by some residents who are concerned about the large investment into carbon-based energy in a time when there is a growing call for municipalities and states to focus on non-carbon and renewable energy sources.

Those wishing to offer an opinion on the project are directed to provide written comments to Interim Deputy Director of Community Development Erik Krause either by mail, email or fax. Further information can be found at

A final report is expected to be presented to city council in early 2018.