Meatball Update

meatball eating breakfast
Meatball eating breakfast

As of Oct. 6, Meatball continues to be in the quarantine area of Lions, Tigers and Bears animal habitat in Alpine, Calif. This is the standard procedure for any new animal according to LTB officials.

The outside enclosure is surrounded by trees and shrubs and is protected from the elements. It includes a large water tub, toys and places for Meatball to hide.

It is policy for new animals to be quarantined for at least 30 days to ensure the animal has no diseases or parasites that would be harmful to humans or other animals. It is also important for Meatball to acclimate to being in captivity. LTB’s veterinarian Dr. Jane Meier monitors Meatball’s progress on a regular basis.

The next step for the Crescenta Valley bear will be a full physical, including a dental examination, and he will be neutered. Once these procedures are completed and this new transition enclosure is completed, he will be moved near another newly rescued bear named Sugar Bear.

This new bear addition to LTB was a rescue from a small pen at a private residence in Ohio earlier this year. It is the hope of the LTB that the two bears will become friends so they can be roommates in the same habitat in the future.

Meatball’s priority appears to be the same as when he roamed the Crescenta Valley neighborhoods – food. He has gained all of his weight back and looks forward to feeding time each day. His omnivore diet consists of fruit, fish, raw nuts and vegetables with a few favorites like avocadoes, peanut butter and honey sandwiches and – of course – meatballs thrown in on occasion.

Funds continued to be raised for the building of a new habitat for Meatball. Anyone who would like to contribute to Help Us Build a Bear Habitat can contact the CVW office at (818) 248-2740.

Courtesy of LTB