City Council in Far North Glendale Neighborhood


Glendale City Council in Your Neighborhood is having its next meeting at the Sparr Heights Community Center on Oct. 3 beginning at 6 p.m.

The neighborhood visits were put on hold during the pandemic but in January the City Council was on the move once again. The request to bring the meetings back to the neighborhoods was inspired by then-Mayor Ardy Kassakhian.

“We know that no one understands a neighborhood better than those who live there, and we’d like to hear from you,” stated the City of Glendale.

Many times it can be difficult for residents to get to city hall, where meetings are generally held. These local meetings are a way to reach those in the neighborhoods who normally would not attend the general meeting.

Sparr Heights Community Center is located at 1613 Glencoe Way. For more information or suggested topics please contact (818) 548-4844, Option 1.