A Facelift for the CV Sheriff’s Station

Photo by Mary O’KEEFE
Visitors to the updated lobby of the CV Sheriff’s Station will immediately notice clear glass that has been newly installed, allowing for visitor and deputy to easily see each other.

The completion of the remodeling of the Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station at  4554 Briggs Avenue is almost complete.

“It’s about 98% done,” said Lt. Mark Slater, LASD Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station.

The remodeling and redesign project of the sheriff’s station began with an update of the front desk area, but then, as workers went through the station, they realized there were many areas that needed a little updating.

The construction began in early April and was shepherded through by Lt. Marjorie Jacobs, Slater said.

“It was like remodeling her own home,” Slater said. “She kept the workers on task.”

The work on the reception desk began with removing the dark windows that once greeted visitors when they first walked through the front doors of the station. The new windows are clear and are now ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

Slater said there had been complaints that people who came through the front doors of the station could not see the deputies clearly and then couldn’t tell if they had been seen. Sometimes the deputies did see those in the lobby, but were in the process of responding to a call or emergency and could not acknowledge them; however, for those in the lobby, it was difficult to tell if the deputies were busy or not.

“The reception desk inside, where the watch deputy and dispatch [are located], was [remodeled] … This way they can see them and they can see us,” Slater said.

Slater said the response from the staff and the people who come into the station has been positive.

“And adjacent to the desk area, the [Watch] sergeant office was modernized,” he said. “I think the reception desk was the original design from back in 1974. There needed to be a change. It is a more appealing work environment.”

The former design of the front reception desk allowed only one person to be helped at a time, but with the two new windows, deputies can help more people who enter the station.

The sergeant’s office was more of a facelift than a complete remodel. But the work did not stop with the front area. As the workers made their way through the station they updated, reconfigured and remodeled several other rooms.

 “They [worked] from the front desk to the jail,” Slater said.

The jail had antiquated plumbing that was updated and the walls were painted. The LA County facility maintenance workers continued their work, updating and improving several other rooms.

All the while, Lt. Jacobs watched over and worked with maintenance as they moved from room to room.

The community room also received a facelift with new paint, new carpet and new tables. After the workers completed the top floor of the station, they began work downstairs as well.

Slater said there are still some things that need to be done, but for now the station’s front lobby is open; it had been closed to visitors during the main construction. Lt. Jacobs is now on maternity leave, so she will not be at the station to see it completely finished; however, Slater praised her efforts with getting the work done. Hopefully she will be on hand when the ribbon is cut to celebrate the work’s completion.