Investigation Continues into ‘Swatting’ Call

Photo by Mary O’KEEFE
On Saturday night, a portion of La Crescenta Avenue was surrounded by law enforcement responding to a call for assistance, which turned out to be false.


Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept.-Crescenta Valley Station received a call on Saturday at 8:52 p.m. According to the CV Sheriff’s report, the caller stated to the dispatcher that he had shot and killed his parents. When he was asked where he was located he stated “at my house.” The caller gave an exact home address, which was in the 4700 block of La Crescenta Avenue. The caller then warned that if deputies did not arrive at his home soon he would “shoot my auntie.” The caller identified himself as Steven. After a few moments it appeared the line was disconnected.

The caller had referred to himself as Steven and at first did not speak with an accent. But later in the call he spoke with an accent in an apparent attempt to disguise his voice.

Deputies responded to the location on La Crescenta Avenue accompanied by air support. Law enforcement gave numerous orders and commands to the people inside the home to exit with their hands up; however, no one immediately responded.

In the meantime, the two people inside the home, a brother and sister, both young adults, had heard the commands of the deputies and from the helicopter overhead. The brother was playing video games and the sister was watching television. The brother reported no one during the game requested to join the chat room, and he did not get into an argument with anyone during the video game. The family did not know who could have made the false call.

The incident is commonly called “swatting,” referring to when a false call for assistance is made to get a reaction from law enforcement, specifically for SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactical) units to react.

The call did not come into the station via a 9-1-1 call but received on the station’s business line. The incident is being investigated.