Permitting Process Being Reviewed by GUSD


At Tuesday’s Glendale Unified School District board meeting, two parents asked the board to take another look at the permits that had been rejected from Franklin Elementary School, a magnet school.

They spoke of when they first arrived at Franklin and had signed an agreement to stay through sixth grade, something both parents said they had planned to do until recently when they received a notice their permit would not be approved or extended.

One student was a fifth grader while the other was a second grader; however, both had an IEP (Individualized Education Program) due to learning disabilities. Both parents said they had been strong supporters of the school, felt they were part of the community and were concerned their children would be negatively affected both emotionally and academically if they would not be allowed to continue in the school they had promised to attend through sixth grade.

“Both families are in the appeal process,” said Kristine Nam, communication director for GUSD.

Anytime a permit is rejected families are allowed to appeal that decision. Nam said she thinks these two permits were rejected by mistake.

“At the board’s request, Educational Services are reviewing all permits to see if there were any done in error,” Nam said. “I would suspect if you are already in the program you will stay in our program, especially if you have an IEP.”

There are reasons for rejection and for not allowing permits for an initial application for those who have an IEP, especially if the services are not available at that particular school or if enrollment capacity has already been met.

However, in every case an appeal process is available.

“The board is reviewing all denied permits. The [families] will be notified by the end of this week,” Nam said.