New Retro Music Store Opens in Sunland

Photo by Pat KRAMER Sunland resident Bob Herron recently opened Mediaworks, a store that sells, buys, and trades for DVDs, CDs and vinyl.
Photo by Pat KRAMER
Sunland resident Bob Herron recently opened Mediaworks, a store that sells, buys, and trades for DVDs, CDs and vinyl.


A new store selling previously owned CDs, DVDs and vinyl opened its doors in Sunland on May 27 offering a nostalgic opportunity for those who love music.
Mediaworks owner Bob Herron is a Sunland resident who got started in the audio/video business over 30 years ago doing commercial installations for educational institutions. However, as technology became less expensive, it also became easier to install and Bob recognized that he needed to find another business to supplement his income.
About two years ago, he began looking for a way to sell media in conjunction with selling and installing hardware. In November 2015, he purchased Orphaned CDs on Reseda Boulevard in Northridge, then began looking for a suitable location for his new store. He found it at 7830 Foothill Blvd. in Sunland in a small shopping center west of the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and Mt. Gleason Avenue.
“Mediaworks is a family-friendly and pet-friendly sell, buy, and trade store for DVD, CDs and vinyl,” said Herron. “We’re concentrating on vinyl nowadays; that’s where the industry is going. Vinyl tends to be a richer sound than digital technology, like CDs, where the sound is not as full.” He added that, in the next two years, he will probably phase out of DVDs and focus more on music.
As far as musical genres, consumers can find pretty much everything their heart desires: pop, rock, jazz, and blues; Motown, easy listening, R&B and Big Band; classical and country; hip hop, rap and comedy. Mediaworks also has religious, historical and old classical records in every musical format – including 78s. In every nook and cranny, buyers will find music of yesteryear.
As far as DVDs, the range includes cartoons, anime, comedy and other types of popular content. For easy inventory purposes, Herron has the DVDs filed in alphabetical order and the CDs and vinyl categorized by genre. As far as his own personal favorite, Herron answered without hesitation, “classic rock or rhythm & blues.”
For those who need hardware to play their media, the store also sells record players, cabling, headphones, parts for turntables, specialty cases for USB and charge drives, car accessories and music memorabilia.
An animal lover at heart, Herron also keeps a few red-eared slider water turtles in a 350-gallon pond in the store.
“The turtles came with the purchase,” he said, “and after a while, I realized they’re really friendly and smart so I decided to keep them.”
For the time being, Herron does not have space to offer consignment sales, but as soon as he does, he said he’s looking forward to purchasing media in the genres of classic rock, R&B, hip hop and jazz, as well as collectibles.
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