Elections 2022

In our ongoing efforts to better acquaint our readers with the candidates they’ll be voting on in June, CV Weekly posed three questions to each of the candidates running for U.S. Representative for Districts 28 and 30. Note that we may have had to limit their responses due to space limitations. Candidates’ responses are listed alphabetically by first name.

To learn more about each candidate consider visiting their websites.

1) Given the realities of politics and the legislative process what do you believe you can realistically legislatively accomplish, if elected, in your first/next term. 

2) What do you think the three most important issues facing our country? * Due to space limitations in the paper, candidates can just list the issues and not offer solutions.

U.S. Representative District 30

Adam Schiff

  1. Since President Biden has taken office, the U.S. has created more than 8.3 million jobs and unemployment has dropped to the lowest levels in decades. But inflation remains stubbornly high as a result of this rapid job growth, continuing supply chain problems, the war in Ukraine and price gouging by oil companies.

My top priority is to attack inflation by bringing supply chains back home and making products in America again, and by enacting legislation to pay for a gas tax holiday with a windfall profits tax on oil companies.

The federal government also urgently needs to invest more in solutions to the homelessness crisis, with approaches that really work to build more affordable housing. I also favor an Apollo-project-like effort to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels and attack climate change. We must continue to provide vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 so we can finally put the pandemic behind us. And Congress must enact Roe into law, so the Supreme Court cannot take away women’s reproductive health and freedom.

This is a tall agenda, but with stronger democratic majorities in the House and Senate, all of this is possible, and more.

  1. * Making the economy work for everyone and addressing homelessness

* Protecting our democracy

* Attacking climate change

Due to an error at CV Weekly, Representative Schiff’s responses were not included in the May 5 edition.