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April Fools’ Day Guffaws


Can you imagine, as a kid, waking up last year to find the TV delivering the above message – you’d have to repeat the grade you were in due to COVID-19.

That was the elaborate hoax played on the children of a local family by their parents on April 1, 2020.   

Thankfully, the kids were able to rebound quickly from their angst after finding out that it was just a prank; in fact, they got a laugh out of it, albeit not immediately.Seeing that image of our beloved governor making the “proclamation” got me thinking about past April Fools’ Day pranks I either took part in or heard about.

 I admittedly tortured my younger sister when we were growing up … and I didn’t wait until April Fools’ Day to pull a prank or two. For example, I remember giving her a shoulder massage while she sat on a slat-back chair. In addition to rubbing her shoulders, I was also covertly tying her hair ribbons to the slats. Then I announced I was done and left the room – to her screaming for Mom because she couldn’t move her head.

Then there was the time I invited her to a séance in my room. However, I had everything rigged with fishing wire so all she saw were the window blinds going up and down and her doll falling off the toy shelf. Maneuvers achieved with my sleight of hand.

Aw, yes; good times.

My dad was a prankster. Heaven forbid you called on the phone for my sister or me. He would answer the phone “McGrath Home for Wayward Girls” (McGrath was my maiden name) or some other embarrassing phrase. And this is a brief sampling of the shenanigans that he’d pull.

I wonder how many of our readers were either the victim of a prank or pranksters themselves. I welcome your stories; send them to and perhaps I’ll share them in our Just For Fun section.

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta Valley Weekly.
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