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Gone Missing

I know I’m getting older and sometimes the synapses don’t fire like they should. For example, I was making a smoothie for breakfast the other morning and I left out the milk and the fruit. Steve came home from work and found them on the kitchen counter. The milk was a lost cause but, thankfully, the fruit could be saved.

He asked me what I was thinking – why did I leave out the milk and fruit? I had absolutely no recollection and remember instead being rather proud of myself for washing the blender before leaving for work with my smoothie.

While leaving out stuff that should be put away can be annoying and sometimes costly, losing stuff is a whole other subject. Case in point: where the heck did I leave my coat?

I have this lumberjack-style coat that I have worn for years. It’s not fancy; in fact I think it’s a man’s coat that we got from somewhere that I sort of adopted. I’ll walk the dogs in it, run into the supermarket wearing it. I wouldn’t be caught at a formal affair (remember those?) wearing it, but it was well-worn and comfortable.

I decided to take the dogs for a walk the other day and went to the hall closet to grab it before heading out. It wasn’t there. I looked in various rooms in the house thinking I put it down after coming in from the cold. No sign of it. I looked in my car and Steve’s car; no coat.

Seriously – where did I put it? I mean, how often do you take off a coat and just leave it somewhere. If it was cold enough to wear into someplace, it probably is pretty cold when you’re leaving that someplace. But to this day I have no clue where it is.

         So if you come across a dark green and blue plaid coat and you have no idea where it came from, drop it off at the offices of CV Weekly. It might be mine.


While losing clothing is a head-scratcher, there are times when I prefer to go missing. This weekend is one of those times.

As you know, I love Cambria. I love the weather, the wineries, the shops – it all sits very well with me. Did I mention that I love the wineries, i.e. the wine? Well, this weekend are new releases of wines at the three wineries at which I’m a member. So Amy and I are heading north to pick them up in person. Thankfully, the wineries are all open so we’ve made reservations for tastings and lunches – outside, of course. I cannot wait.

I just wish I knew where the heck my coat was so I could take it with me…

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