La Crescenta Library Gets Crafty for Valentine’s Day


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By Nicole MOORE

On Monday, the La Crescenta Library celebrated Valentine’s Day with a family-friendly craft-oriented event. The annual program was held from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and welcomed children and adults to participate. Children under the age of 12 were grouped together at a supervised table, while teens and adults were scattered among the various tables in the library’s second floor conference room.
This year’s event marked the La Crescenta Library’s sixth year providing cute, festive crafts for people of all ages who wanted to give their loved ones creative Valentine cards and gifts. In years prior, upwards of 50 participants have attended the event.
Marta Wiggins, the La Crescenta Library manager, organized the craft-making event. Previously, library volunteers selected the Valentine themed crafts. This year, though, Wiggins handpicked the crafts based on what she believed would be the most fun and fulfilling for participants to make. Minah Kim, a Glendale Community College student and La Crescenta Library volunteer, also helped prepare for the Valentine’s Day event.
“To prepare [for the event] I made the [craft] examples and prepared and set up the table,” said Kim. “My favorite craft is the owl card because it’s very cute and it comes with Skittles [candy].”
Participants were able to choose from six different crafts arranged by skill level. The crafts included a felt corner bookmark heart, an envelope with a heart-shape cut out, and the aforementioned owl-shaped card aptly named “Who loves You?” A punch card was given to each participant to determine which craft they had chosen and the number of supplies they were allotted during their visit. Additionally, step-by-step instructions for each craft were provided for the participants.
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