Police Thwart Burglary

A piece of cardboard was apparently placed to block the rear license plate.

A Glendale police officer on patrol early Thursday morning spotted a car in the parking lot of a local pharmacy in the 1400 block of East Colorado Street. The car had tinted windows and a piece of cardboard apparently placed intentionally blocking the rear license plate. Paired with the knowledge of recent pharmacy burglaries, the officer quickly detained the two men until backup arrived.

Patrol officers who searched the vehicle found blades used to defeat security gates, ski masks and gloves. The driver also had a $20,000 warrant out of the Los Angeles Police Dept.

Officers thwarted the break-in and arrested the men for criminal conspiracy, felony attempted burglary and possession of burglary tools. They were booked at Glendale City jail. Their car was towed as evidence.