New Gym Proposed at Chamlian School


A 9,400 square foot gymnasium has been proposed for the Chamlian School at 4444 Lowell Ave.

Students attend the school from kindergarten to eighth grade. The gymnasium is to be built within the existing location.

“There are a number of buildings at the school,” said Tim Foy, assistant director of planning for the city of Glendale.

The building forms an L shape. The short side of the L is on Lowell Avenue and the long side of the L is north of the property line.

“The gym is [proposed] to be built at the end of the long L,” Foy said. “The gym is for the grade school kids primarily.”

If approved the gym will be built in what is now the parking lot.

“This property was a public school [several years ago]. A gate that leads to the east side [on Second Avenue] is now closed and will remain locked and closed [after the proposed gym is built],” Foy said.

The city will be conducting a public hearing on the gymnasium proposal on Jan. 19 at the city of Glendale planning commission.

The hearing will start at 5 p.m. and will be held at the
city’s Municipal building at 633 East Broadway, Room