From the Desk of the Publisher

New Year, New Resolutions?

 In this week’s Spiritually Speaking (page 12), a woman asks a question regarding the need to follow her husband’s example of making New Year’s resolutions. Simply put, she didn’t want to. While her husband did well with the structure and discipline required to succeed in fulfilling resolutions, his wife wasn’t as keen on the idea. She included that many times the failure of not meeting these goals results in guilt that she doesn’t want.

I understand. I don’t know about you, but every year it seems I get blindsided by events that either a) I know are coming up or b) come at the same time every single year yet I’m ill-prepared. For example, the holidays.

I love getting Christmas cards. I love taking the time to see what my friends’ families are up to, what adventures they’ve had over the last year or how creative they are in making known their own Christmas wishes. But have I sent out a Christmas card in – oh, I don’t know – a decade? Nope. Every year it seems that Christmas sneaks up on me and I fail to actually set aside the time to write out cards. But there’s always next year.

As far as resolutions, I do like the idea of them. I mean, what’s bad about trying to have a healthier lifestyle – exercising more, eating wisely and sleeping more?

This whole month of January, CV Weekly will provide information on how to achieve some of the resolutions surrounding health that are commonly made on Jan. 1 and offer tips on how to keep that resolve when moving forward. We will also give our readers information on trends that they should be aware of – information that is particularly pertinent given the COVID crisis that we’re currently in. And we’ll also share with you information about the health of the planet – something we should all be concerned about.

As for me, I’d like to shed that poundage that I (knowingly and, in most cases, happily) put on from Thanksgiving through Jan. 3. And while I attack those pounds, I refuse to attack myself when I (no doubt) go for the peanut candy. Because it’ll happen.  

Let’s face it: making resolutions doesn’t take a lot but keeping them sure does.


On New Year’s Eve Steve and I headed over to The Proper in La Cañada for dinner. We had a really nice time. From there, we went to Pasadena, over by the Rose Bowl, and checked out some of the floats that were getting prepared for transport for judging. There weren’t a lot of people there, walking alongside the floats. Steve mentioned that it was only the “natives” who knew of the spot.

I think he was right … which is another reason why I love living here.

I’m fascinated with the idea of moving “away;” we have friends who moved to Idaho – in fact it was a multi-generational move – and they’re happy with their decision. These are native Californians, too; they’ve lived here their entire lives but when their kids moved to Idaho, they checked it out. Turned out that they loved it, too. They brought their folks, who also liked the change of pace and voila! We now see photos on social media of their pets in the snow and of the changing colors of leaves.

But then I walk alongside the floats on New Year’s Eve or on New Year’s Day sit curbside at my house, watching the sky for the Stealth bomber as it makes its way to the Rose Bowl. And, yup, I saw it on Saturday.

Besides, I own the local paper in a fabulous town – where would I go?