Armenian Remembrance Day Celebration at Lincoln

Evelyn Gregorian from the Lincoln Armenian Parents Club brought in cultural events for the Armenian Remembrance Day celebration at Lincoln on April 27. Before school began, while the Lincoln students lined up and waited for their teachers, the Armenian Dancing Group performed for the students. They performed a dance called “Yerevan 2800” that was choreographed by Rubina Vartanians with by music by Ara Gevorgyan. The dance is a celebration of the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan, which is Armenia’s capital.

The dancers were Ani Amarkarian, Lara Alaverdian, Arsineh Avedisian, Lara Ghalustians, Kaitlyn Baghdassarian and Emma Ghalustians.

Later in the day Armenian author Narine Minasyan was on the Lincoln campus reading her children’s book to students in grades TK through third grade. She read her Armenian-themed book “The Adventures of Andre and Noyemi Barev!” that has a theme of respecting people from different backgrounds and cultures, and how being a part of a neighborhood is more like a family and families always help each other.

Minasyan has been reading to students throughout Southern California and the nation. It was a wonderful opportunity to allow the students to connect with an author in person and a great way to encourage further reading.

Submitted by Nicolas JAMES