Homeless Shelters Benefit from Hard-working Troop

Patricia Tabet, troop leader for Girl Scout Junior Troop 6991, shared that the girls in her troop recently completed their Bronze Award. They chose as their project to give back to the community and recruit assistance from the community. They decided to reach out to homeless shelters to see what type of assistance they might need for the children who pass through their doors or who are residents. Each shelter expressed a need for supplies for children from the ages of newborn to 17.  

Though the girls reached out to local businesses for donations, none except Trader Joe’s responded to their request. Undaunted, the girls turned to their neighbors, schools, churches and friends. The response was much more positive with the main contributors being neighbors in the Fremont Elementary School area, Fremont Elementary parents and students, La Crescenta Elementary parents and families, the Rosemont Middle School community and three local churches. The girls raised money to purchase backpacks by selling cookies and having two yard sales and a bake sale.

The hard work of the girls paid off and they were able to purchase and distribute 130 backpacks and three boxes of supplies to three shelters.

Tabet said the girls learned a lot from the project.

“Our girls began this task a year ago and learned many valuable lessons about organization and having an idea then making that idea come to life with hard work and determination. The goal was to encourage other Troops to continue working with these shelters and provide them with the supplies they need for children who are displaced, scared and in need,” stated Tabet. “We are so proud of our girls.”

The members of Girl Scout Junior Troop 6991 are Natashya Tabet, Daniella Irwin, Sophia Garcia, Ashlin Clark, Sophia Song, Bridget O’Keefe, Colleen O’Keefe, Kate Schlueter, Chelsea Rojas, Jordyn Lesh, Lola Stark and Brooke Rodriguez. Troop leaders are Trish Tabet and Silvina Irwin.

Contributed by Patricia TABET