Lincoln Talent Show is Back and Live on Stage

A sold out crowd cheered on the performers.

After three years on Zoom, the annual Lincoln Talent Show returned to the Lincoln auditorium to a sold-out crowd of parents, grandparents, friends and students. Nicolas James, first grade teacher, organized the event with the help of the Lincoln Student Council, Principal Barbie Fariss, second grade teacher Yelana Cady, assistant Maral Belian and PTA moms Michelle Murphy, Kimmie Brown and Seungyeon Brandenburg, who assisted with the talent show bake sale.

Student council members Dax Brown, Abby Jones, Samantha Garnica, Noah Brandenburg, Eleanor Leamy, Aarav Patel, Aileen Kim, Tina Sarkisyan, Mackenzie Herring, Claire Kamarzarian and Valerie Capito helped run the show by organizing the talent, handling the back stage props and announcing the acts.

Chloe Oh and her mom Hannah Oh.

A special thanks is extended to the amazing custodian Larry Bojorquez who made sure all the microphones and the sound system were in working order and to PTA mom Lorita Meg, who was the night’s musical director. 

There was a variety of talent during the 90-minute show that featured singing by Zoe Poiley, Nathan Dai, Melanie Cady, Sunny Swenson, Tatum Arntson, Samantha Garnica, Eileen Temple and James’ first graders; comedy acts featuring Sadie Miller, Sidney Besser, Zeve Caluya and Sebastian Shamamian. The Passionate Piano players were Leo Jung, Olivia Madadi, Artem Iakovlev, Christopher Charalambous, Maneh Gevorkyan, Evan Khajkian, Elin Marghosian and Makaio Ortiz; violin players Chloe Oh and Ryan Kam were accompanied on piano by Hannah Oh. London Jaramilla dazzled with her dancing; and the evening’s rockers were Michael Gharibian on drums and Thomas Capetanos on electric guitar. Olivia Spears thrilled the crowd with her silks gymnastics and Jacob, Aaron and Oliver Lee gave an amazing Taekwondo Poomsae Koryo demonstration.

The show ended with a fun-filled confetti explosion over the audience, courtesy of the Lincoln Student Council.

Photos and story by Nicolas JAMES

Christopher Charalambous.
Elin Marghosian and Macey de Guzman.
Jacob, Aaron and Oliver Lee.
Leo Jung.
London Jaramilla.

Michael Gharibian.

Mr. James and the Lincoln Student Council.
Nicolas James’ first grade class.
Olivia Madadi.
Sadie Miller.
Sunny Swenson, Tatum Arntson, & Melanie Cady.
Thomas Capetanos.
Zoe Poiley.