Then & Now | Pinecone and Markridge


THEN This is the view looking up Pinecone Road from the intersection of Markridge in late February of 1978. This is the route the debris flow of the Pinecrest flood took after it unexpectedly overflowed its channel. It swept Pinecone Road clean of a dozen or more parked cars.


NOW As Los Angeles County Flood Control engineers devise their strategies for the coming winter’s floods, they seem to have accepted that our streets will become the flood control channels if the debris basins are overwhelmed. They have been placing “K rails” or freeway barriers along the sides of many streets in the hopes of keeping mudslides corralled in the roadway and out of houses. Words to the wise for residents of Pinecone Road: If you park on the street and it starts raining, maybe you should move your car!

Courtesy of The Historical Society of CV